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Leonie Darling

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The Early Years


The history of this breed is steeped in mystery.  The Swedish Vallhund has been called ‘the dog of the      Vikings’ which dates him back to about the seventh or eighth century.


By the 1940’s, the Swedish Vallhund had almost become extinct, thankfully, two Swedish dog enthusiasts,     Karl-Gustav Zettersen, a Swedish school teacher and a breeder of the Scottish terrier and Count Björn Von Rosen, a well known terrier breed Judge, took up the cause to save the breed.  In their search they found one male and five bitches, two of which were not used in the breeds redevelopment, that were felt of suitable breed type.


After the breed gained recognition in 1943, another four males and seven females also produced early progeny, playing a vital role in the breeds resurrection.


Since the breeds redevelopment there have been many theories about its origins and possible history with either the Jämthund (Swedish Elkhound) or the Welsh Corgi Pembroke.   In the 1980’s great debates took place     regarding the breed’s possible origins.   A theory that has been presented, was the possibility of the Vikings taking the Swedish Vallhund to Wales in the British Isles, and that the breed had a distinct relationship with the Welsh Corgi Pembroke.


A legacy of  the Vikings

About the Swedish Vallhund